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05360 - Pink Sriracha Hybrid Cuphea

Pronounced like sriracha chili sauce - a sure-fire way to heat up your sales! Compact, well-branched plants, with a long shelf life, offer a uniform, colorful addition for spring and hot summer plantings. Loves the heat making it a great season extender for the summer. Quick crop time - 3 to 4 weeks for 288 plugs and 6 to 7 weeks to finish quart pots - faster to finish and more cost effective than vegetative varieties. At sowing, plug trays MUST be sprayed with paclobutrazol (growth retardant). Upright plants spread 14 to 18 inches and are excellent in sunny beds, borders and containers. Day-neutral plants flaunt their hot pink flowers regardless of day length. Annual.
Product Pricing
 1000 Seeds $99.95 ea
 100 Seeds $13.95 ea
 500 Seeds $55.95 ea
 e05360yds $24.95 ea
Product Details
State Restrictions:
Flower Color: Pink
Foliage Color: Green
Disease Resistant: No
Bloom Time: Summer


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