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Limbo Hybrid Series

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07413 - Limbo Pink Morn Hybrid Petunia
Petunia hybrida Grandiflora
Limbo Pink Morn Hybrid

Nearly a decade after its introduction, the Limbo Series still reigns unique as a breeding triumph - F1 hybrid performance in plants that are naturally dwarf and non-stretching without growth regulators - a big plus in today's environmentally-conscious horticultural environment. Early to flower, producing huge, 3 to 5 inch, bright pink blooms with a white star center. Mounded plants never get leggy. Spreads just 10 to 20 inches across, even in unrestricted garden spaces. Makes a terrific impact in small spaces as well as pots and landscaping. Easy to ship and shelve for retail.
Height: 6-8"
Spread: 10-20"
Product Pricing
 1000 seeds $23.95 ea
 250 seeds $6.95 ea
 500 seeds $12.95 ea
 2500 seeds $53.95 ea
Product Details
State Restrictions:
Flower Color: Pink
Foliage Color: Green
Disease Resistant: No
Bloom Time: Summer


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