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Sow and cover seed. Transplant when first true leaves appear. Allow 6-8 weeks for saleable plants. Number of days listed is the length of time from transplanting until harvesting ripened fruit begins. Indeterminate or climbing types benefit from staking and suckering (pruning lower fruiting suckers), while determinate or bush types also benefit from staking. Disease resistance codes include:

AAL-Alternaria                                               AS-Early Blight

CC-Anthracnose                                             FF-Leaf Mold

F-Fusarium Wilt-number indicate strain(1,2,3)  FOR-Fusarium Crown Rot

N-Nematodes                                                 Pi-Late Blight

Pst-Bacterial Speck                                        Rs-Bacterial Wilt

SLS-Septoria Leaf Spot                                   St-Stemphylium

TSWV-Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus                    TMV-Tobacco Mosaic Virus

TYLCV-Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus