Sophistica Lime Green Hybrid Petunia

Sophistica Lime Green Hybrid Petunia

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US7,642,436 Beautiful, lime green flowers with professional seed quality. Excellent for pots, combo planters and baskets, these premium petunias can command a higher price point at retail than standard varieties. Simple, easy-care results in a spectacular display of large blooms. Color reacts to heat, light and age, creating a fascinating display that exhibits subtle changes throughout a long flowering season.
Height: 10-15"
Spread: 10-14"
Pelleted Seed Only
250 pellets
50 pellets
Pixie Stakes

Product Details

: 43
: Spring
: Summer
: summer
: 2 -
:  to 

Physical Details

Height: 10 to 15
: green
: Lime green
: 7 to 12
: Yes
: Determinate
: Hybrid

Scientific Details

: Petunia
: hybrida
: Grandiflora
: Sophistica Lime Hybrid